BOOK NEWS: ‘Talk Jock Twits’ coming soon.

  Small town writer Josh White thinks he’s on the road to notoriety and, better yet, popularity when he begins working for a local talk radio station in Trapper, Arizona. Instead he finds himself immersed in a seedy underworld of drugs, sex and backstabbing bastards. Welcome to the world of Talk Jock Twits. My upcomingContinue reading “BOOK NEWS: ‘Talk Jock Twits’ coming soon.”

Geektastic thoughts on bad comic books

It was embarrassing back when zits were common. But only a little. Zits were worse, and there was no way to hide the little bastards. They always returned for encore performances. Comic books could be hidden, in mere seconds if need be. That way chicks would only see the Black Sabbath posters. There would be noContinue reading “Geektastic thoughts on bad comic books”

REVIEW: Author and Artist R.E. Lieske

REVIEW: Author and Artist R.E. Lieske Literature, like art, continues to transform and evolve. Those who say either medium is dead have only themselves to blame. You’re not looking in the right place. Take storybooks for adults, small works of literature the size of a long novel chapter and mixed with captivating fine art, likeContinue reading “REVIEW: Author and Artist R.E. Lieske”