MANTULA Part Twenty-Two: No Grandma No

Large raindrops splattered all around us as we searched for a way back inside the home of Diana Sturgis. I began to feel a slight chill the longer we remained outside, not that the weather affected me much. But any creature, if you keep it outside long enough, will start to feel the effects ofContinue reading “MANTULA Part Twenty-Two: No Grandma No”

Mantula Part Twenty-One: The Big New Year’s Recap

I rode atop Glenn as he made his way through the muggy Arizona weather. The fast-moving man-turned-quail moved deftly through the bushes and assorted trash strewn at the edge of the road. Large rain bombs fell from the gray skies overhead, exploding like water balloons all around us, but a full-blown storm had yet toContinue reading “Mantula Part Twenty-One: The Big New Year’s Recap”

Mantula: The Christmas Special

It’s like I always say. God bless us, everyone. Even Mantula. After all, Doug made Christmas pretty fun for a little Ukrainian girl named Anichka. He may seem like a grumpy dude who doesn’t like much in this world, but he’s actually pretty cool once you get to know him. I’m his best friend, whether heContinue reading “Mantula: The Christmas Special”

Mantula in the news: Tarantula Knocks Out Area Man

(News article from the Sedona Daily Reader) Spider KOs area man Tarantula attacks, knocks out Cottonwood resident By KIP MOONEY Sedona Daily Reader COTTONWOOD, Ariz. – Cottonwood police arrested 46-year-old Luke Brown on Wednesday, Aug. 6, after his wife called 911 to report an odd attack in their one-bedroom 12th street apartment. Brown, technically theContinue reading “Mantula in the news: Tarantula Knocks Out Area Man”

Mantula Part Twenty: Wormy Witch Woes

From: Doug Lansing Subject: More good Date: August 6 2014 11:53 AM To: Maximilian ‘Raymund’ Kolbe There was a female panhandler on the road. I gave her my $100 bill. It seemed to cheer her up, which actually seemed to cheer me up too. Go figure. As you probably already know, I didn’t change. Glenn didn’t change either.Continue reading “Mantula Part Twenty: Wormy Witch Woes”

Mantula Part Nineteen: A Lovely Day in Cottonwood

The summer heat continued its daily parade of oppressive force. Luckily it felt worse and worse as the hours wore on, meaning later there would be another round of monsoons. If there was anything to be liked about the Grand Canyon State, it would be those storms in my opinion. As we made our wayContinue reading “Mantula Part Nineteen: A Lovely Day in Cottonwood”

MANTULA Part Eighteen: Try Harder, Doug

I half-wondered if I would turn into a human by the time I sat down to write my email to the patron saint of addictions. My luck, which is pretty bad on my best day, stayed true. Nothing whatsoever happened to change my predicament—despite having done a good deed by knocking out the downstairs neighbor.Continue reading “MANTULA Part Eighteen: Try Harder, Doug”

MANTULA Part Seventeen: Doug takes out the trash

Who would have thought a patron saint would be so snarky? His ambivalence, apparent lack of concern, would drip from his emails were it a liquid. And that liquid would smell like crap I was certain, like gasoline mixed with vomit. Helping others? I could do that. Even if Kolbe didn’t want to help me.Continue reading “MANTULA Part Seventeen: Doug takes out the trash”

MANTULA Part Sixteen: Dreaming of an old witch

Gagged on pop culture, polluted by depression, comes Mantula! A special fiction series! ManQuail shouted in my head. “Are you insane? Did you just tell a patron saint to go to hell? Dude, lightning is going to strike you dead!” “Let it.” “Why did you do that?” “Why not? I’m tired of this, Glenn. IContinue reading “MANTULA Part Sixteen: Dreaming of an old witch”