MANTULA Part Thirty-Two: The Cussing Quail

Doug has a potty mouth on his hands. “Mother f@#ker!” My eight eyes fluttered open. I wasn’t prepared for telepathic shouting in my head so early in the morning. “God f@#king Sh#t!” I stretched out on the couch and looked around for my dead-but-not-anymore friend. I could hear him, but with our mental link, itContinue reading “MANTULA Part Thirty-Two: The Cussing Quail”

Shazam the Toyfriend

It’s easy to see why these two were the idols of five-year-olds everywhere. Death, divorce, creditors, court struggles, alcohol, what-have-you; these things happen to almost all of us. But we don’t all have a Shazam doll stolen right out from under our noses. Those truly bad things stack up no doubt, but there’s always that firstContinue reading “Shazam the Toyfriend”