Short Story News!

I’m happy to announce publication of the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired book, “Dark Doings at Miskatonic U.,” featuring my short story “Elsaus App.” The story, edited by the hard-working author M. Christian, offers original stories by Lovecraft himself, as well as a handful of new stories by various authors including Ralph Greco, Christian, Lukas Scott, Jason Rubis, and myself. ElsausContinue reading “Short Story News!”

ManQuail Part Thirty-Three: Best Wishes From Charlie

Doug remembers a painful day. How dare he? How dare he! To be honest I wasn’t sure if I yelled it in my head as a question or more generally as an exclamation of fury. I don’t think it really even formed a full sentence, but those words best describe the agony his sentence evokedContinue reading “ManQuail Part Thirty-Three: Best Wishes From Charlie”