Whitehurst’s Top 5 Reads of 2015

So many books and no time to nerd out. Less than one book a month; that was all I could muster in ’15. I very nearly cleared twelve, so I was close. Had I finished that bad ass Six Million Dollar Man book I would have made it to one book a month, but alas.Continue reading “Whitehurst’s Top 5 Reads of 2015”

High Octane Editing

While hard at work editing my soon to be published book/comic/news project “Mantula: have some discord” (collecting the entire online “Mantula” story), I thought I would share the process a little. This keeps me from editing, so it’s worth the effort. But then I thought, how boring, who actually reads blogs about someone editing aContinue reading “High Octane Editing”

Epilogue: Mantula in the news

Photo/Kip Mooney A tarantula and a quail are clearly visible leaping from a burning apartment in Cottownwood. (Online news article) Lone wolf reporter won’t stop By Kip Mooney Verde Valley Blog News VERDE VALLEY, Ariz. – It’s true that I am responsible for the fire in Cottonwood that destroyed a handful of apartments. It’s trueContinue reading “Epilogue: Mantula in the news”