On weight and necessity – typewriter love

Its weight is the first thing you notice. It’s not ashamed of it. Not looking to be sleek or refined. It’s a workhorse, full of metal and grit, and the typewriter knows it. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Like a boulder tumbling through the river of time, your typewriter is a reminder ofContinue reading “On weight and necessity – typewriter love”

On hold with the IRS

Dainty canned piano music plays in my left ear courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service and their help line. “Our representatives are still helping other customers. Please continue to hold.” I should have been counting how many times they said it. The piano music isn’t enough to make me fall asleep, but it tries. DidContinue reading “On hold with the IRS”

Abe Lincoln goes to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Spoiler Alert! Do not read if you have not seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens If you do not care, keep on keeping on Lincoln kept his hat on. Not sure why. It’s not like we were going to have our pictures taken or anything. If anything, people would think he was an actor onContinue reading “Abe Lincoln goes to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens”