Rock Band Anthology preorders available now

Official release slated for August 25, 2021

We’re one month away from the release of “Rock Band: 100-Word Horror,” an anthology based in music from the folks at Ghost Orchid Press. My 100-word contribution, “Dick Done Hung Himself” is based on the DI punk rock classic, Richard Hung Himself.” Preorders are available now for ebook. Print copies soon to follow. And this one has a playlist to listen while you read. Listen here.

From the jacket:

Dance music? Thrash metal? Bubblegum pop? Whatever your music taste, you’ll find something to scare and inspire you in our new collection of Hundred Word Horror stories. We challenged our authors to write drabbles and poems of exactly one hundred words based on their favourite songs. From cursed lead singers to spooky symphonies, there’s plenty to enjoy in these tiny, musical terrors.

Click here for preorder.

Cover Reveal – Murder & Mayhem in Tucson

Out September 27th. Available for preorder now!

I’m pleased to announce that “Murder & Mayhem in Tucson,” my fifth book for Arcadia Publishing and second with The History Press is now available for preorder. Just click here for Amazon preorder information. Click here for Barnes and Noble preorder! And check out the beautiful front and back cover design. I was stoked when author Tom Pitts agreed to write a foreword for this book! The book will be released everywhere on September 27th.

From the jacket:
Tucson is a vibrant, growing city, but beneath the sunny surface lies a dark history. Eva Dugan was convicted of murder and hanged here, the first woman to be executed in the state of Arizona. Gangsters like John Bonanno and bank robber John Dillinger were drawn to this corner of the Southwest, and it was home to killers like Robert John Bardo and Charles Schmid, a serial killer nicknamed the “Pied Piper of Tucson.” In 1892, William Elliott, stabbed by a notorious criminal, became the first Tucson police officer to lay down his life in pursuit of justice, but he wouldn’t be the last. Join author Patrick Whitehurst as he delves into the chilling history of Tucson.

Coming Sept. 27th, Murder and Mayhem in Tucson

Eva Dugan, the first woman put to death in Arizona, will be one of the stories featured in “Murder & Mayhem in Tucson.”

Just in time for the Halloween season, my latest nonfiction book “Murder & Mayhem in Tucson” will hit shelves on Monday, Sept. 27, 2021.

This book, slightly delayed thanks to a certain pandemic, comes from The History Press, publishers of my 2019 book “Haunted Monterey County.”

Murder and Mayhem Tucson features an awesome introduction by crime writer Tom Pitts and delves into the nefarious past of Tucson, Arizona.

Look for the cover coming soon!

Read the newest Sam the Thug story free

Sam the Thug returns in “Write on me, Sam,” at Shotgun Honey. Hired to write in longhand on the body of a beautiful woman, Sam thinks he’s in for a bit of a good time, but he’d be wrong.

Thanks to the awesome folks at SGH for accepting this, one of my favorite, Sam tales. Look for more Sam the Thug coming soon!

In the meantime, read “Write on me, Sam” free right here.

Book Review: Love Like Bleeding Out with an Empty Gun in Your Hand by Stephen J. Golds

Stephen J. Golds pens a masterful blend of gritty street prose and lyrical elegance in his latest offering “Love Like Bleeding Out with an Empty Gun in Your Hand” – out April 30 from Close to the Bone Publishing.

While it may feel like a long book title, Love Like Bleeding Out describes the poetry and short stories found within its pages to a tee. There’s love here. And hard times.

You get an idea what you’re in for at the outset when quotes from both Al Capone and Charles Bukowski stand up to let you in the author’s world. You get the feeling Golds may give you a mental scar or two.

The opening yarn provides the first scar and is the book’s namesake. We find two down-on-their luck crooks suffering amongst the beauty of an orange grove, while the narrator laments a life wasted. His only saving grace? A woman named Clarissa who doesn’t give a damn whether he lives or dies.

With poems such as the stark, melancholy “October City” to the dead fish of “Fate,” Golds delivers one blow after another, proving that his worth in the realm of verse is just as deserved as his talent in prose.

Bristol Noir founder and thriller author John Bowie offers a sincere, heartfelt introduction to Stephen’s kick-ass collection. Love Like Bleeding Out with an Empty Gun in Your Hand may very well turn out to be one of crime fiction’s most-talked about short prose collections of 2021.

Follow the author on Twitter @SteveGone58. Preorder the book here.

Hoosier Noir at the Bar (virtual) is Saturday, April 17

Join us for a chill afternoon of crime.

The folks at Hoosier Noir have assembled an amazing list of authors to read from their work for a virtual Noir at the Bar. The Hoosier Noir at the Bar will be held on Saturday, April 17, starting at 7 pm eastern time.

I’ll read from my newest Sam the Thug crime fiction tale, “Jimi’s Dimebag,” in print April 20th in Hoosier Noir’s 4:20 special edition.

Want to watch? Sign up at here.