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Out now: Shotgun Honey Presents: Recoil


Featuring my Sam the Thug tale, “Kerouac’s Second Scroll.”

Order copies (print and ebook) from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

From the publisher:
In its fourth installment, Shotgun Honey presents twenty-three tales of crime that will hit so hard that the recoil will be felt long after the stories are done. With new and established authors from around the world, Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: RECOIL delivers stories that explore a darker side of remorse, revenge, circumstance, and humanity.

Read more.

Apocalypse Now and Later


We faced a monumental decision some months ago. Do we suffer death across the globe the likes of which no one living has experienced outside of a pandemic fiction novel or do we face unprecedented global depression and keep the machine of industry going? Both choices were the size of horse pills and bitter as hell to swallow. Yet somehow, our collective brain trust managed to swallow both – thanks to a slow response and an even slower desire to repair the damage with cold, hard cash. 

Read more here.

B.C. Blues Crime fiction series: Interview with Author R.M. Greenaway


R.M. Greenaway has a hell of a way with words.

She’s firmly situated as the captain of the ship when it comes to stark police procedurals. Her B.C. Blues Crime series takes readers to the criminal underbelly of beautiful British Columbia, into the minds of twisted souls, and those committed to bringing them to justice. At five titles so far, including her newest book “River of Lies” and beginning with the gritty first book “Cold Girl,” it seems Greenaway is just getting warmed up. 

Read my interview with the author here.

BOOK REVIEW: Black Souls – an adventure across cultures


Sabina Gabrielli Carrara’s thriller Black Souls welcomes readers to both Ireland and Italy, but you don’t have to live there to enjoy her dark psychological tale of murder and family intrigue. 

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Top 5 Things to See in Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. happens to be the heart of our vast nation. It’s where decisions are made that affect every one of us. It’s where our elected leaders hold court and its where our country first began official business after the Revolutionary War. As such, most Americans make the pilgrimage at least once in their lives to take in the framework behind our day-to-day existence and perhaps come away with a bit more knowledge of our home country than we had before.

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Whitehurst’s Top Reads of 2019


It’s that time again! Time to list the top five books I had the good luck to lay my hands on over the last year. May 2020 be just as good. 

Click here to read the top five.

Interview: Haunted Monterey County on The ODD Entity Podcast


Interview: Carmel Magazine features Haunted Monterey County


Be sure to pick up the Holiday 2019 issue of Carmel Magazine, found everywhere along the California Central Coast and abroad. Writer Renee Brincks did a fantastic writeup for the book and it was awesome to be included once again in such an illustrious publication. Can’t find a print copy? Read it online here:

Book Review: The Crowns of Croswald by D.E. Night


There are times when you start reading a book without knowing what to expect. Such was the case with D.E. Night’s young adult (YA) fantasy book, The Crowns of Croswald. It was familiar yet wholly new at the same time – and it turned into an energetic, comfortable reading experience.

Read the rest here.

In the news: Haunted Monterey County


Haunted Monterey County got Halloween love on October 31, 2019! KAZU 90.3 public radio and the Monterey County Weekly talked about the book this week. It is a perfect read for the season.

Listen to the KAZU broadcast here.

Read the Weekly story here.

Tucson’s bookstore bonanza


Arizona’s biggest close-to-the-border city, Tucson, is a literary oasis.

Driving down the streets one might see cowboy hats, MAGA hats, and camouflage hats, but you might also see bookstores dotting the landscape behind them, a lot of bookstores. And some damn good ones. Book lovers visiting Tucson, or those new to town, will find oodles of retail to fit their reading needs.

Read more here.

Read an excerpt from Call Down the Thunder: A crime novel by Dietrich Kalteis


Dietrich Kalteis has produced another gem with his latest historical crime novel, “Call Down the Thunder,” out this month from ECW Press. Read the description below followed by an excerpt of the novel courtesy of ECW. Find your copy here!

Read more here.

OUT NOW: Haunted Monterey County


Haunted Monterey County is officially available as of today, September 30th. Thank you to Arcadia Publishing and The History Press teams for making such a cool book!

Copies are available at most Monterey County book stores, Barnes and Nobles, and online!

Purchase at The History Press here! Or on Amazon, in ebook too, here!

Read about the book here on fellow Monterey writer, Skyler Lunamir‘s, blog!

Guest Blog with Jenny Kane

I hope you will take a moment to come visit me on author Jenny Kane’s website, The Perfect Blend: Coffee and Kane! I sat down with Jenny to talk about my latest nonfiction book, Haunted Monterey County, out September 30th everywhere, and just in time for Halloween I might add.

Read about my trip into all things haunted right here.

Top 5 Scariest Sites in Monterey County


Monterey County is home to a number of famous haunted locations just as its home to world famous golfing, glitzy car shows, and a smattering of celebrities. Before the glamour of Hollywood and the wealth of Silicon Valley found the Central Coast’s attraction too charming to resist, families filled the land seeking a better life and many, while long since dead, still rattle the nerves of the living. Have you had a ghost encounter in Monterey County?

Read the rest here.

BOOK REVIEW: Resurrections in the Dark by Janice Blaze Rocke dives into a world of sex, drugs, and the human condition


Monterey-based author Janice Blaze Rocke weaves a dark, character-driven tale in her memoir of life along the San Francisco corridor, firmly rooting herself as a literary force to be reckoned with and a welcome addition to the Central Coast’s pool of talented writers.

Read the rest of my review here.

BOOK REVIEW: Dim Sum of All Fears by Vivien Chien a tasty recipe for clever mysteries


I dove into Dim Sum of All Fears (the second in the Noodle Shop Mystery series) and found a gem in the contemporary cozy mystery scene. The first in the series, Death by Dumpling, will now be my second to get me back on track with these remarkable stories. That makes sense, right?

Read the rest of the review here.

Haunted Monterey County – cover reveal

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Coming September 30th, Haunted Monterey County by Patrick Whitehurst will delve into the paranormal activity of the California Central Coast just in time for Halloween 2019.

From Los Coches Adobe to the haunted inns of Carmel, Whitehurst will take you on a tour of the scariest locales in the county.

Haunted Monterey County features historic photos and illustrations by California artist Paul Van de Carr.

Available for preorder on

Interview with author Michael Newton


Michael Newton is one of the hardest working writers in the industry. He’s published more than 335 books, some under a different name, including The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, a number of fiction series such as the M.I.A. Hunter, The Gun westerns, and plenty more. His work in non-fiction is as prolific as his work in fiction. He’s written books on the subject of writing, as a matter of fact, which anyone interested in writing should read.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Cosplay short story on Shotgun


Cosplayers Shouldn’t Kill is my latest short story for the fantastic Shotgun Honey crime fiction website. Inspired by cosplayers like Ya Ya Han and other creative souls, this short tale follows a thug for hire named Sam when he pays a visit to the infamous San Francisco Comic Con.

Read it here.

Review and Interview: S.W. Lauden


There’s always that one sibling. It seems there’s one in every nuclear pod. In That’ll Be The Day: A Power Pop Heist by S.W. Lauden, we’re introduced to Jackson Sharp the moment he breathes free air for the first time in a long while.

Read more here!

5 Historic Monterey Crimes and Criminals


It’s not easy to dwell on Monterey California’s criminal underbelly when picturing the angelic shoreline found along the Central Coast, but even windswept beauty has its ugly side. As a reporter I learned this firsthand when I worked the crime beat in Sedona, Arizona.

Don’t always trust the postcard.

Read more here.


Whitehurst’s Top Reads of 2018

As 2019 beckons us into her titular embrace, I realize my literary to-be-read pile is something of a clean slate for the coming year. There are titles I know I want to read: my usual foray into the new Executionernovels, something by Stephen King, perhaps finish the last two Game of Thrones tomes, etc., What excites me most, however, are the books I have no idea about. The ones that are coming that I cannot foresee.

Read the rest.

Canine children get news coverage

Our four furry children made it into the popular Sandy Claws column of the Carmel Pine Cone this week. It was tough to wrangle them, but turned out pretty adorable in the end. Zoom in on the image below to read the story.

Pine Cone1

101-word Spider Man story

My 101-word short story, The Sticky Drunk, was a runner up in the Monterey Weekly’s recent short fiction contest. And they used a sentence from another entry in another section, which I found pretty cool. Read all the stories here!


Off the Cuff


I got a chance to chat about my Barker Mysteries recently with author Dietrich Kalteis.

Read my interview here!

Halloween costumes, sea otters, and hitmen – my latest short story on Shotgun Honey


There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than trying to dispose of a body in Monterey Bay. Take a look at my recent short story on Shotgun Honey, “It Otter Be Illegal.”

Read it here!

Workshop at Old Capitol Books
Fiction, Nonfiction Writing Workshop at Old Capitol Books

Photo Gallery: October Events

Check out these photos from this month’s events in Monterey County!

Click here to see the gallery.

October Events!


(Sept. 24, 2018) Look for some cool events this October on the Monterey Peninsula. Cool for writers and fans of the written, and spoken, word at least. And who isn’t a fan of that?

Read more here!

Dietrich Kalteis on Poughkeepsie Shuffle

DKalteis 2018 Photo credit Andrea KalteisDietrich Kalteis is a prolific writer. He’s a guy who knows how to get to the meat of a story without wasting a lot of real estate on the page. His latest book, Poughkeepsie Shuffle, starts off sharp (I’m looking at you, finger scene) and stays sharp until the end. You relate when his characters make a crazy-ass decision. We’ve all been there at one point or another.

Read the rest here!

Haunted Monterey County to be published in 2019


Sept. 5, 2018 – What happens to us when we die? That’s the big question. Some of us, many believe, might stick around after we die. Some of us might become the next generation of ghosts! When that happens, as most do, some of us will find a place to haunt, be it a favorite home, an old workplace, or possibly a cemetery.

Read more here!

Noir at the Bar returns to Monterey on October 26th

N@B poster Oct 2016 Monterey

August 29th, 2018 – It’s going to get mysterious and maybe even a tad illegal down in Monterey on Friday, October 26, at the East Village Coffee Lounge. Look for trench coats, a suspicious marine layer rolling in like spilled pea soup, shady-looking folks in sunglasses, or just a gaggle of writerly types skipping along in the fog. When you see it, you’ll know you’ve arrived.

Noir at the Bar is back in town.

Read more here!

RansomREVIEW: The Outlaw’s Ransom Enchants the English Countryside

The Outlaw’s Ransom by Jennifer Ash is the first in a series of books written under the Folville Chronicles umbrella and it doesn’t disappoint.

Read the rest of the review here!

Museum book featured in Carmel Magazine

Carmel Magazine

August 2, 2018 – The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History book, which Arcadia Publishing released earlier this year, got a nice write-up in Carmel Magazine. Thank you to writer Renee Brincks and photographer Kelli Uldall for making it so easy! You two rock!

Read the story here!

Suspense Magazine interview with John Lansing


July, 2018 – Check out the latest issue of Suspense Magazine for my interview with the fascinating author John Lansing. And be sure to read his Jack Bertolino series, available here and everywhere! Follow the link below to read the interview!

Read it here!

Chihuaha Nebula Character Guide

Chihuahua Nebula
Chi-Town, Handsome Man, Charlie-Town
Dignity’s Quiet Pond of Austere Reflection

Read more here!

San Francisco Comic Con Top 10


It’s a geek’s fantasy realized. A nerd’s dreams turned flesh and blood. A dad’s headache from the noise, but worth it. I’m all of that and a grumpy bag of chips. But, as most of my friends know, I’m a sucker for heroes and stories. Being a father to a younger comics/pop culture aficionado, the 2018 San Francisco Comic Con was the place to hang our invisible fedoras.

Read more here!

Gallery: The Pacific Grove Museum book release


Thank you to everyone who came out for the book release of The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History on Thursday night, April 16th! See photos from the event here!

American Static: interview with Author Tom Pitts

Tom Pitts cover-pitts-american-static-1800x2700pxSome writers are like doctors. They have the stuff you need right when you need it most. Tom Pitts is an author like that. Having read American Static at a time when I was thirsty for a blast of literary danger, the book was like the tall beer Tom’s holding in his author photo. It hit the spot.What starts as a deadly, and compelling, crime thriller; American Static soons takes on a darker twist. The story unfolds to reveal murderous political intrigue, a savage quest for the truth, and weaves in a sweet love story  – albeit in a surprising way.

Read more here.

Book Launch April 26th, 2018


An official launch for the Arcadia Images of America book, The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, will be held at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History on Thursday, April 26th, starting at 5:30 p.m.  with a booksigning and copies for sale in the Museum Store.

More details here.

Shotgun Honey short story


April 2, 2018 – Check out today’s flash fiction entry on the Shotgun Honey website for my short story Dating Today! Be sure to leave a comment.

They’re doing amazing things over there!

Read the story here!

Interview with Clean Sweep author Michael J. Clark

Sweep-1Not every day is peaches and cream. Some days are just terrible. But when you find a good read, it’s always peaches and cream. This was the case when I read Michael J. Clark’s debut crime novel Clean Sweep, out this month from the fine folks over at ECW Press. It’s all warm and fuzzy, in a violent crime-filled way, which is fine with me.

Check out my interview with Clark here!

Whitehurst’s Top Reads of 2017


The year 2017 will go down in history for a lot of reasons; some of those reasons being the addition of quality literature to the libraries of the world’s dwindling army of readers. Over the last year, possibly in an attempt to cower from real world political poison, I’ve disappeared into 20 books, including nonfiction and fiction, I found my share of quality literature, not to mention my escape.

Read more here.

Cornell Woolrich, quit staring at me


The streets get gritty and mean. Cold shadows keep the sun from hitting the pavement and those passing by bump into you with a snort and no apologies. If you’re lucky you see a set of bleak eyes staring out from under a shaded hat, piercing you with desire, and not the lustful kind, but the kind that makes you move your wallet from your back pocket.

Read more here.

Interview with author Dietrich Kalteis


It’s always a delight to sit down with authors and talk shop. It’s especially cool when you get to sit down with one you admire. I got lucky with Dietrich Kalteis.

His new book, Zero Avenue, is out Tuesday. The book features a gritty punk tale of crime and survival and takes no prisoners in its detail and scope.

Read my interview here.

A Steampunk Pardon (short fiction)

5dbcb-pardonThe carriage moved quickly through the cobbled streets, but slowed to a creaking crawl when it entered Phoenix. Bridges swooped over the apex of the double-decker carriage once in the city limits, coming close to breaking the stove top pipe belching steam at its highest point.
Read more here

Noir at the Bar – October 20th, 201719059861_1986112188278233_1335083638625727466_n

Picture yourself in a dimly lit room. A light bulb hangs from the ceiling, swinging slowly to and fro, as if an ethereal skeletal hand had reached down from the inky shadows and tapped it. Beneath the light are a series of faces with dark shadows for eyes and grim, black lines for mouths. The grimy bulb swings overhead. The faces are there, then swallowed by darkness, then appear again, under the dancing, pale glow. This assembly is here for one reason and one reason only.  And there are laws against it.

Read more here.

5 tips for nonfiction, photographic histories


There are plenty of paths to success when on deadline. Some prefer to wait until the last minute, as pressure makes them produce. Others prefer the slow boil, working at a snail’s pace until it all comes to a head, but only one of these techniques helps when it comes to historical nonfiction, particularly the sort that require finding a lot of photographs and documents from a certain era. If you have to work with others, particularly organizations, start early. You never know what will happen, photos can be misplaced, just plain gone, and the documents you thought would help may prove lifeless.

Read more here.

COMING IN 2018: The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History


Imagine the world before the Internet, before modern medicine and modern science as we know it today; pre-cars, pre-phones, pre-fast food, and you’ve got the world that saw one of the first natural history museums on the California coast. The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History has been a part of the Monterey Peninsula since 1883, nearly as long as Monterey County has been in existence.

Read more here.

BOOK REVIEW: Steampunk boils beautifully in The Gaslight Girl by GaslightGirl-1Hargrove Perth

Steampunk is a subgenre to behold in the science fiction and fantasy world. It’s the stuff of clockwork wonder and corseted amazement and, for many; it’s something readers can’t get enough of. Many, however, don’t quite get it. Exactly what is steampunk?

Read the full review here.

BOOK REVIEW: Abandon All Hope grabs readers by the throat!

Abandon-2Abandon All Hope: Gate 1: Book 1, by Lizzi Cruz and Royce Steele, is a grabber with blue collar hands.

The book features an assortment of nine fast-paced rural horrors, similar in spirit to the early tales of Stephen King, but with a dash of Joe R. Lansdale thrown in for good measure, not to mention a few modern themes.

Read more here.

New short story on Spec FiSpecFics-1cs

Looking for a little adult fun in the beatnik super hero genre? “Stare and Get Off” is focused on just that, with a sprinkle of nihilism thrown in for good measure. Check out the story over on Spec Fic. It’s a little NSFW…

Read it here!

Whitehurst’s Top Reads of 2016

From tripping out with Tarzan and the Ant Men, to starting Marie Kondo’s book on tidying up, it’s been a year of diversity and perhaps a bit of quirky inclusion. My print book collection grew in 2016, which came as a surprise due to my Kindle attachment issues, and the number of books started and not finished (sorry, Kondo) grew as well. This means 2017 will be the year of finishing things I started. Fingers crossed.  I did, however, manage to finish 14 books. Below are the top five books I couldn’t stop thinking about after reading the last page.

Read the rest here!

goza-1BOOK REVIEW: The Innocents by Jaime Lorie Goza

Irish literature holds a special place in my heart. It’s likely my own Irish heritage plays a part in that love, being that I have an undisclosed helping in my DNA. But it’s not just that. Everyone loves reading about the simple things, the struggles born of poverty, and the quaintness of rural life – narratives not restricted to those with Irish eyes of course. But Irish literature has all this, and Jaime Lorie Goza, the author of The Irish Bride Series, nails it in her prose.

Read the rest of the review here.

‘In Curmudgeon’ available for a limited timeincurmudgeon-2

(Oct. 8, 2016) In Curmudgeon is a collection of essays, rants, short stories and more that acknowledge the dreary side of being
alive (something so many writers are afraid to explore and so many excel at doing). In Curmudgeon takes the philosophy in narrative writing that not everything is meant to be, not everything ends happily, and not everyone finds joy in simple things.

Available on Amazon, in both print and digital, for a limited time. Click here.

NEWS: Three authors talk shop at Old Capitol Books on Oct. 16th

(Monterey, Calif.) – October is a spooky kind of month, thanks mostly to the ghosts, goblins, vampires and Minions that run around asking for treats every Oct. 31. It’s a time for thrills and mystery, often of the supernatural variety. Mysteries and suspense, of a more urban kind, will be on the menu Sunday, Oct. 16, at Old Capitol Books in downtown Monterey.threeauthors-1

Read more here.

20160918_175718.jpgREVIEW: Your Wilder Nature connects readers to nature’s pulse

Learn how to connect with nature, and through it, connect with yourself.

Author Daian Hennington makes it easy for those of us unaccustomed to the natural world in her new book, “Your Wilder Nature: A Field Guide to Tracking the Soul.” Here we learn to connect with the beauty of nature, in its most simplistic forms, by learning how to connect with ourselves.

Read the rest of the review here.

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