NEWS: Three authors talk shop at Old Capitol Books on Oct. 16th

(Monterey, Calif.) – October is a spooky kind of month, thanks mostly to the ghosts, goblins, vampires and Minions that run around asking for treats every Oct. 31. It’s a time for thrills and mystery, often of the supernatural variety. Mysteries and suspense, of a more urban kind, will be on the menu Sunday, Oct. 16, at Old Capitol Books in downtown Monterey.threeauthors-1

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20160918_175718.jpgREVIEW: Your Wilder Nature connects readers to nature’s pulse

Learn how to connect with nature, and through it, connect with yourself.

Author Daian Hennington makes it easy for those of us unaccustomed to the natural world in her new book, “Your Wilder Nature: A Field Guide to Tracking the Soul.” Here we learn to connect with the beauty of nature, in its most simplistic forms, by learning how to connect with ourselves.

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