Haunted Monterey County

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From the vistas of Big Sur to the streets of Monterey, the souls of the dead still linger.  Join writer Patrick Whitehurst as he explores tales of the supernatural and Monterey County’s haunted locales.

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The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

Facing the radiant Monterey Bay, anchored proudly between Pacific Grove’s downtown and famed Lovers Point beach, is the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.

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Williams Cover

Nestled under the pine-covered slopes of Bill Williams Mountain, the city of Williams is a beloved hamlet that attracts fans of history, Route 66 cars, and vintage steam engines, as well as Grand Canyon visitors and rodeo enthusiasts.

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Grand Canyon’s Tusayan Village

Grand Canyon's Tusayan Village cover

With the glamorous Grand Canyon as its backyard, Tusayan has a fascinating history.

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Other Publications

Patrick’s interview with author John Lansing in the July issue of Suspense Magazine. Read it here!

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