The Barker Mysteries

“The elusive Barker is a deserving member of an exclusive society; that of the great detective. He uses his intellect in a way that most people fail to do and cuts through to the heart of the mystery with precision.” –Billierosie 

Not every hero lives in a mansion or works from a smoky, hard-boiled office. Enter Barker, a mysterious man with no memory of his past. Ferociously handsome and acutely observant, Barker makes his home under the soggy planks of Old Fisherman’s Wharf along California’s foggy Central Coast. His closest friends are an assortment of stray dogs, ranging from a large Rottweiler to a tiny Shih Tzu, who live with him. Adventure and intrigue have an uncanny knack for crossing Barker’s path.

Monterey Noir


In the first entry of the series; Nickel, Barker’s sole human friend, bestows his makeshift home upon the man and his dogs just before dropping dead. It’s up to Barker to honor Nickel’s last wish, to atone for his sins, which doesn’t prove an easy task. Meanwhile, forces are at work in other parts of the fog-swept city, which will lead the homeless detective and his dogs to a deadly confrontation in the heart of Monterey Bay itself.

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Monterey Pulp

Barker, the mysterious sleuth of California’s Central Coast, returns in the second volume of the titillating Barker Mysteries.

The second of The Barker Mysteries.Following hot on the heels of his rescue of Carmel’s mayor from the ship Wicked Joe in Monterey Noir, Barker once again finds himself in a hot mess of danger and intrigue. Seeking escape from his newfound popularity, the handsome man with no memory of his past, travels deep into the Carmel Highlands – only to find adventure has followed him there.

From an encounter with the disturbing Easter Bunny Man at Pacific Grove’s famous Lover’s Point to a diabolical plot by the homeless denizens of Deadrent Kingdom, trouble is never very far from Barker and his collection of loyal canines.

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101 Word Contest


101-word short fiction story printed in the Monterey County Weekly’s annual writing contest. Read it here.


Shotgun Honey

Short story, It Otter Be Illegal, featured in Halloween 2018 edition.

Read it here.


Shotgun Honey

Short story, Dating Today, featured in April 2018.

Read it here.


Dark Doings At Miskatonic U. (AnthologyDark Doings-1)

Edited by hard-working author M. Christian, “Dark Doings at Miskatonic U.” offers original stories by Lovecraft himself, as well as a handful of new stories by various authors including Ralph Greco, Christian, Lukas Scott, Jason Rubis, and the short story “Elsaus App” by Patrick Whitehurst.

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101 Word Contest


Two short fiction pieces printed in the Monterey County Weekly’s 101-Word annual writing contest. Read it here.

Spec Fics

Short fiction, Stare and Get Off, on Spec FicsSpecFics-1



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