Special Promotional Books

Marks-1Special promotional books (created by the author) are available at signings and other in-person events when in stock. Learn more about the books below. Handmade bookmarks are often given away at special events- these “cardboard figures” are similar to the figures made by Patrick’s mother, Kathleen Stam.

Mantula Book

MANTULA: Have some discord

Curses, addiction, despair. Add in a couple of Catholic saints and a meth addict-turned quail and you’ve got the makings of Doug’s new life. It isn’t one he wanted. He never asked to wake up in the body of a tarantula, but that’s what happened. And it’s up to him to break the curse. Or die trying. Told in written form, comic form, through emails and news stories; Mantula is part super hero and part monster, and a unique multimedia experience.

TJTCover-1Talk Jock Twits

Small town writer Josh White thinks he’s on the road to notoriety and, better yet, popularity when he begins working for a local talk radio station in Trapper, Arizona. Instead he finds himself immersed in a seedy underworld of drugs, sex and backstabbing bastards. Welcome to the world of Talk Jock Twits.


In Curmudgeon

A collection of essays, rants, short stories and more that acknowledge the dreary side of being alive (something so many writers are afraid to explore and so many excel at doing). In Curmudgeon takes the philosophy in narrative writing that not everything is meant to be, not everything ends happily, and not everyone finds joy in simple things.