Special Promotional Books

Marks-1Special promotional books (created by the author) are available at signings and other in-person events when in stock. Learn more about the books below. Handmade bookmarks are often given away at special events- these “cardboard figures” are similar to the figures made by Patrick’s mother, Kathleen Stam.

Mantula Book

MANTULA: Have some discord

Curses, addiction, despair. Add in a couple of Catholic saints and a meth addict-turned quail and you’ve got the makings of Doug’s new life.

TJTCover-1Talk Jock Twits

Small town writer Josh White thinks he’s on the road to notoriety and, better yet, popularity when he begins working for a local talk radio station in Trapper, Arizona.


In Curmudgeon

A collection of essays, rants, short stories and more that acknowledge the dreary side of being alive (something so many writers are afraid to explore and so many excel at doing).

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