Final entry from a Big Sur writing retreat – part X

I long… I long to breathe in my son’s boundless energy – his youth and exuberance about damn near everything, while I still have the chance. I long to walk in England and get all giddy on Baker’s Street, to explore the pubs and streets of Ireland, while I still have the chance. Let meContinue reading “Final entry from a Big Sur writing retreat – part X”

How to avoid spoilers (in curmudgeon)

Like blondes, spoiler alerts have more fun. They’re also stupid. PS –blondes aren’t really dumb, but I don’t feel like scrounging up a different analogy. And the opening sentence slipped deep inside my head while I was driving, so I wrapped my brain around it. Why waste a good driving thought? Being an American nerdContinue reading “How to avoid spoilers (in curmudgeon)”

From a Big Sur writing retreat part IX

The smell of stale cigarettes and cold coffee filled the hot Buick Park Avenue. Its air conditioner died a year ago. I was grateful for the bit of breeze I felt on my face when I climbed from the driver’s seat. Covering a jumper on Midgley Bridge wasn’t how I wanted to start the morningContinue reading “From a Big Sur writing retreat part IX”

An open letter on open letters (in curmudgeon)

Dear Open Letter Writer, We all care so much about your opinion. We want your open letter so bad.  Please write it as long as possible, as passionately as possible, and tell us all how you feel. Of course we know you have no real connection to the topic, no stake, but don’t let thatContinue reading “An open letter on open letters (in curmudgeon)”

A road trip gauged on karate chopping

How the drive from Monterey to Cottonwood and back again might go for you There was a beat up pickup truck, larger than average, with a flatbed area surrounded by wooden fencing made of paint chips and splinters. The bed was full of sheep. They were pressed against the wood, but not making a sound.Continue reading “A road trip gauged on karate chopping”

From a Big Sur writing retreat part VIII

24 moments that shaped my life  Some day I hope to write about these things, if I haven’t already. 1. The moment she whispered in my ear 2. The moment I heard the gunshot 3. The moment the phone rang at 3 a.m. 4. The moment the nurse tried to leave with my newborn sonContinue reading “From a Big Sur writing retreat part VIII”