Book Review: An Average Curse (Book 1 of The Chronicles of Hawthorn)

Book Review: An Average Curse (Book 1 of The Chronicles of Hawthorn)

Fantasy is that genre that always sticks with you. It’s a brain freeze that never quite thaws, a Starburst fruit chew that glues itself to your teeth, and a pair of kick ass slippers that never gets tossed – no matter how many times you’ve slipped your smelly bare feet into them.

Wands dripping with sexy magic are one reason why that taste never leaves, as are iron swords and sparkly elves, mystical lands readers will never actually set foot on, and dreams of conquering boiling evil; they’re all reasons why we get turned on by the genre. In those worlds, which many authors actually map out, readers find spells, prophecies, elves, ogres, fairies and all the rest. And it’s the best.


In Rue’s recent fiction novel, “An Average Curse (Book 1 of The Chronicles of Hawthorn),” readers will find almost all of this, including a map. Unlike other fantasy tomes, however, (where 25 pages go toward describing the local fauna), this is efficient fantasy – punchy and light, but never missing a beat. While written for the young adult crowd, it’s not a bad read for grownups either. Most of us adults have revisited Harry Potter, Narnia, the Hobbit, at some point. This is that kind of fun, especially for those of us into stories of youth and experience.

In the first Hawthorn book, readers are introduced to Flynn, Hazel and Po. These three friends always seem to have something going on, and find themselves knee deep in the thick of trouble before too long. The book is a magical trip inspired by New Zealand’s Maori culture – and deftly navigates fiction, mythology and reality. You can tell Rue did a bit of research here.

And, thanks to her, the fantasy realm is another spell richer.

Those who like fantasy, with a hot helping of magic wands included, and strong female leads ala Hunger Games and Vampire Academy, will find An Average Curse a worthy addition to their genre bookshelf.

Check out the newly released second book in the Chronicles of Hawthorn, “Key to the Journey: A Magical Adventure,” right here.

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