From a Big Sur writing retreat part IX

The smell of stale cigarettes and cold coffee filled the hot Buick Park Avenue. Its air conditioner died a year ago. I was grateful for the bit of breeze I felt on my face when I climbed from the driver’s seat. Covering a jumper on Midgley Bridge wasn’t how I wanted to start the morningContinue reading “From a Big Sur writing retreat part IX”

Seaside welcomes Natalia Molina (for her birthday)

I am Seaside, California I’ve not always been the safest place But you see my glowing potential My sidewalks are seeped in the souls of the world More than any other Peninsula city, I truly welcome all And your soul makes me so much closer to perfection Energy blows in the clouds that spin inContinue reading “Seaside welcomes Natalia Molina (for her birthday)”

Hey caveperson, where’s your ghost?

So why are there no prehistoric ghosts? People report ghosts of family pets every now and again, so why are there no ephemeral T-Rex sightings on Fremont in Seaside, California? Some say there are caveman ghosts, of course, but any discourse on them seems rare. Some say prehistoric ghosts are around, but that spirits “dissolve”Continue reading “Hey caveperson, where’s your ghost?”

On weight and necessity – typewriter love

Its weight is the first thing you notice. It’s not ashamed of it. Not looking to be sleek or refined. It’s a workhorse, full of metal and grit, and the typewriter knows it. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Like a boulder tumbling through the river of time, your typewriter is a reminder ofContinue reading “On weight and necessity – typewriter love”