Weekend in Pictures

11 thoughts on “Weekend in Pictures

  1. Looks like an eventful weekend. I miss breakfast in Santa Cruz at Cliff Cafe, my all-time favorite tofu scramble in the entire universe. If I”m repeating myself, that’s because it’s worth repeating. Best tofu scramble in the universe. The entire universe. Totally worth repeating. Repeating.

    1. We tried to go to Walnut Ave Cafe but the wait was too long and I’m curmudgeony. So we went to another place and the food was awesome! But I can’t remember the name. I don’t think I even looked at the name! I never looked. Never.

      1. Weekends can be tough for breakie in SC. Do you remember where the place was in case you want to eat there again one day? That sounds like something I would do: aimlessly find my way into a great food establishment and never ever never look at the name.

      2. Free scones? Free IS awesome. Was all their food free? Because if all their food was free, then I’d drive 6 hours to eat breakfast there.

      3. Like a breakfast appetizer? Still, not sure I’ll make the trip down there now. I was hoping the entire breakfast would be free. 😉

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