Mantula: Have some discord – book release

Mantula Book

I’m celebrating the release of “Mantula: Have some discord” today! This weird little book started as a handful of blog posts and quickly turned into a full-blown multimedia project. I was having too much fun to stop writing the story of Doug and his curse. When I finally did come to the end, I decided to collect the comics, the chapters, and the fake news stories into this single volume.

I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did making it.

Check out the book on Amazon (PRINT COPY)

Check it out here for e-book (KINDLE)

Read the blurb:

Curses, addiction, despair. Add in a couple of Catholic saints and a meth addict-turned quail and you’ve got the makings of Doug’s new life. It isn’t one he wanted. He never asked to wake up in the body of a tarantula, but that’s what happened. And it’s up to him to break the curse. Or die trying. Told in written form, comic form, through emails and news stories; Mantula is part super hero and part monster, and a unique multimedia experience.

Published by patrickwhitehurst

Patrick Whitehurst is a fiction and non-fiction author who's written for a number of northern Arizona newspapers over the years, covering everything from the death of the nineteen Granite Mountain Hotshots to Barack Obama's visit to Grand Canyon. In his spare time he enjoys painting, blogging, the open water, and reading everything he can get his hands on. Whitehurst is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

23 thoughts on “Mantula: Have some discord – book release

    1. Sweet! PS – learned of a formatting issue on the Kindle version, though (graphics conversion issue). It should be fixed tomorrow with luck! And hopefully it works on yours!

      1. It should, but some of the comics were not loading correctly. Amazon and graphics do not jive well in the Kindle department. A new version should be live in a few hours!

      2. Thanks. I just need to give it a little TLC, but haven’t had the chance. I know, right? I already have had a great intro to the story, and it’s fabulous!

      3. Totally! My iPad is working again and it’s great to catch up to where I originally started reading on your blog. Most of the images work, but some do not. No matter to me, I’m really enjoying the story.

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