5 Historic Monterey Crimes and Criminals

It’s not easy to dwell on Monterey California’s criminal underbelly when picturing the angelic shoreline found along the Central Coast, but even windswept beauty has its ugly side. As a reporter I learned this firsthand when I worked the crime beat in Sedona, Arizona. Never trust the postcard. Monterey has had its share of interestingContinue reading “5 Historic Monterey Crimes and Criminals”

From a Big Sur writing retreat part II

sunshine and gulls It’s skies are crawling with gulls. They sit on every streetlight – along Fremont and up the city’s spine, Broadway (now also called Obama Way). For Seaside, tucked nicely between Fort Ord and Monterey, it’s a fitting new name. I kissed a girl for the first time at Martin Luther King MiddleContinue reading “From a Big Sur writing retreat part II”

From a Big Sur writing retreat part I

He-Man and other childhood milestones I remember a lot of things, but not the sound of her voice. I remember when she took me to K-Mart and bought me a He-Man figure the weekend they came out. I can still feel his plastic muscles in my hands. I remember when she told me the truthContinue reading “From a Big Sur writing retreat part I”

Seaside welcomes Natalia Molina (for her birthday)

I am Seaside, California I’ve not always been the safest place But you see my glowing potential My sidewalks are seeped in the souls of the world More than any other Peninsula city, I truly welcome all And your soul makes me so much closer to perfection Energy blows in the clouds that spin inContinue reading “Seaside welcomes Natalia Molina (for her birthday)”