Who doesn’t love Millennials?

O.M. God. These creatures of the digital tar pits are humanity’s saviors. They speak differently than the rest of us. They dress differently. They know life hacks. And they shoot Periscope videos of themselves doing it. Like a phoenix dressed in 80s fashion rising from a pile of entitled, home-schooled ashes, Millennials hold a fistContinue reading “Who doesn’t love Millennials?”

Pretend you can’t pay your bills

The blurb in question. It’s like being poor is a conspiracy or something. Let’s go undercover and make sure poverty is a real thing! Because maybe the destitute are big, fat liars? They’re not “us,” after all, how can we be sure “they” can be trusted? As if living in fear of nearly everything, fromContinue reading “Pretend you can’t pay your bills”

Thoughts of thirsty people who did the right thing

My brand new-to-me car got a little dirty in the drought, but now I can wash it. The sparkle of diamonds will have nothing on my Volvo after I get done dousing that thing. After all, I got told by California American Water I should pay more because I used less of it during theContinue reading “Thoughts of thirsty people who did the right thing”