The story on Dog Central

Dog Central, AKA our house, got in the news this week thanks to how adorable our furry children are. Want to know a bit more about the canine antics under our roof? Check out the latest edition of the Carmel Pine Cone at your local newstand or zoom in on the image below!

Chihuahua Nebula Character Guide

CHARLTON UNIVERSE Chihuahua Nebula OTHER ALIASES Chi-Town, Handsome Man, Charlie-Town PLACE OF ORIGIN Dignity’s Quiet Pond of Austere Reflection IDENTITY Sealed until the next millenium KNOWN RELATIVES Izzy, Francis Pants, Dulce, Lucy (deceased), mom, dad BIOGRAPHY Trapped in a cage, brought to a strange land of heat and pink jeeps, Charlton’s murky past is oneContinue reading “Chihuahua Nebula Character Guide”