MANTULA Part Twenty-Nine: The Death of ManQuail Part Two

I hauled Glenn back to my crappy little apartment with two of my legs clenched gently around his limp neck. He didn’t struggle, come to life and flap around, or otherwise express any indignation at being pulled through the dirt. I couldn’t leave him there on the side of the road next to a trashContinue reading “MANTULA Part Twenty-Nine: The Death of ManQuail Part Two”

MANTULA Part Twenty-Eight: The Death of ManQuail part one

My mood could have been a hell of a lot better. It was better, in fact, before reading those emails between Kip Mooney and Glenn. It was all my fault. Not the curse of course. That was thanks to the wormy witch, but meeting up with ManQuail, letting him help me out, bringing him outContinue reading “MANTULA Part Twenty-Eight: The Death of ManQuail part one”

Notes on MANTULA: an unedited, raw story

‘MANTULA: have some discord’ is scheduled for publication some time in 2015. While the MANTULA story has been plotted for some time, I didn’t know where the tale would lead when I began writing it last year. Since starting Doug’s journey, I’ve moved from Sedona Arizona, and my job as reporter with Prescott’s daily newspaper, toContinue reading “Notes on MANTULA: an unedited, raw story”

MANTULA Part Twenty-Seven: Getting some

Gagged on pop culture, polluted by depression, comes Mantula! A special fiction series! I thought I’d be a bad ass like I was with the downstairs neighbor, but it ended up a little differently this time. For one thing, Sturgis has some bad ass qualities going on all by herself. Turns out Mantula’s help wasn’tContinue reading “MANTULA Part Twenty-Seven: Getting some”

MANTULA Part Twenty-Six: Peeping Doug

There’s something of a peeping Tom in all of us. Humans are inclined to know what others of our kind are up to. We pay attention to trends, which are just indicators for us to know what we should be buying, how we should dress, what cell phones we should save up for – allContinue reading “MANTULA Part Twenty-Six: Peeping Doug”

MANTULA Part Twenty-Five: Halfway There

How does a person cure themselves of a curse? That was the question that lingered on my mind. There had to be a way to reverse it. If there was a way to make it happen, which was painfully and obviously possible, then fixing it was also possible. I felt like that poor sap HowardContinue reading “MANTULA Part Twenty-Five: Halfway There”

MANTULA Part Twenty-Four: Jacki Sturgis and the Pain

Jacki Sturgis was never a particularly imaginative woman, her granddaughter explained. She went to Catholic school as a child in Monterey, California, and married into an Italian fishing family at eighteen-years-old. She was a tiny woman, not even five-feet in height, and skinny as a rail. While most of her Polish family members came offContinue reading “MANTULA Part Twenty-Four: Jacki Sturgis and the Pain”

MANTULA Part Twenty-Three: The Sturgis Connection

It’s always easier to offer advice when one is not in the situation. Removed, distanced; the issues are easier to solve in a logical manner. I’ve often watched movies and thought, “why didn’t he simply call the cops?” Horror films are a great case in point. “Just run away. Don’t stop to look behind you.Continue reading “MANTULA Part Twenty-Three: The Sturgis Connection”